Bifurcation: Introducing the Sirens of the Nebulous

from by Jordan O'Jordan

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Now, it’s not unexpected
that these things happen in the dark
But the shadows you cast
on the wall of my room
With the moon at your back
Made indelible marks:
Made of silver, made of autumn,
Made of skipping stones that sunk
and then went straight to the bottom;
Made of copper, made of clay, made of cardamom pods that I put in my tea

Now, there’s some good in waiting,
and there’s some good in not
And there’s Sirens that sing
of this nebulous state:
Between spinning the bottle
and sex in the street;
Between honest intention
and outright deceit.

Hush now, dear friend, do not speak!
There are words unsaid and they shouldn’t be.
Too much talking makes a man run far.
Surely, he’ll understand if he really cares.

Don’t be coy, boy, don’t be shy!
There are words unsaid,
but they shouldn’t be.
Now, I know it’s hard to say
all these things out loud,
But it’s okay—you can talk to me.

Go on Useless! Go on Obvious!
Go on Well-wished-And-Bemoaning!
Go on Stainless! Go on Seamless!
Go on all these things that I’m wanting.

But, Oh! Did you feel this coming on?
Like a snowstorm making wet tracks
up the path of my spine.
And, Oh! Did you hear that distant sound?
Like an old drum being thumped
in some bunker that sunk underground?

It sounds like: O!


from Dream Radio: What Will Have Happened, released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Jordan O'Jordan Seattle, Washington

These are the sounds that we use to woo water. Issuing forth from some human or other (i.e. Hydrogen bonding; banjo- and heart-strings).

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